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Ecological balance is to preserve nature and to keep the nature more natural - that's what we want to maintain and live in Kamilari area.

Today you will find more and more solar energy plant farms in the area, in order to produce energy by one natural powerful source here on Crete: the sunlight. With more than 300 sunny days per year, the sun is a very powerful resource. Additionally people have to save water, because in the hot summer time with no rain in this area, water is an important and valuable resource for us and our environment. We would also like to cut down the usage of plastics, collect paper, separate garbage and have many other natural and replaceable resources in this way in order to just maintain the balance in the ecology.

For our gardens, fruits and vegetable we grow, we never use any chemicals in Kamilari. We also try to keep our biosphere in our region and only use regional and seasonal food.

As the Greek people in general at least put more value on increasing the biological farming idea in these days, they grow and produce more organic food; that's why you can find a good range of organic products in many supermarkets and groceries on Crete today. Have a look for the biological corners or shelves in the shops.

There are many organizations in the area, who can give you more information on how we try to follow this idea to keep the ecological balance on Crete in different areas, e.g.

We would like to increase awareness about the concept of sustainable development and ensure that the people understand its full meaning. This concept means that there is a symbiotic relationship (mutually beneficial) between the developmental process and environment protection. If environment protection is ignored, the basis of developmental processes (the natural resources) will be exhausted, which will spell doom for mankind. On the other hand, one cannot ignore development and only think of environmental protection. However, it is necessary to strike a balance between the two – that's what we try here in Kamilari.

That's why we ask every individual to act as eco-friendly as possible - in daily life in the same way as being on holiday.

So please be aware of

  • the resource of water and don't waste it with endless showering.
  • the resource of energy and don't waste it by using the air-condition wastefully.
  • the garbage separation and don't throw away rubbish into nature.
  • the range and quality of regional products and try them, before you insist on having everyday imported products.
  • the very dry nature on Crete during the summer season and don't light any fires for barbecue or whatever reason during summer. Please, also never throw cigarettes nor glass objects (bottles) into the nature nor anything that might light a fire and destroy large areas and endemic species of plants.
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