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If you prefer to enjoy the sea and nature, you can go for a one day trip to Preveli, the famous beach surrounded by an endemic palm tree forest and bathed both by the sea and by the sweet water of a small river. Preveli really deserves a visit, since it is both a very pleasant place to enjoy bathing and an exceptional natural site. In 2010, a fire occured in the palm grove. Fortunately, nearly no tree was killed: the trunks have been darkened, but during the following months after the fire, the palm trees produced new palms – so Preveli kept all its beauty, and remains an exceptional natural site.


To get to Preveli you have two possibilities: by car or by boat. By car, it will take you around 1h30. After Spili, you will turn left in the direction of Plakias. The road soon crosses one of the most impressive gorges of Crete, Kourtaliotiko. After the gorge, you will follow the road for the Preveli monasteries. Before the monasteries, on your left, you will see an old Venetian bridge. If you turn left here, you will get to a non asphalted road which, after a few kilometers, will lead you to a beach, from which you will reach Preveli after some 20 minutes walk along the coast (and some 50-70 m climbing).

If you don't turn at the Venetian bridge, you will easily find, after several kilometers, the parking for Preveli (you have to pay). From this point, stairs get you down to the beach (the difference in elevation might be the double than with preceding solution).

The other solution to get to Preveli is to take the boat from Agia Galini. Information is available on the port. This solution is very convenient with children, since no walk is necessary. Besides, it allows very nice points of view on the coast, its caves and turquoise waters. The cruise is about one hour and a half.