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Monastery of Koudoumas Print E-mail

-> It's a 4 wheel-drives trip only! <-

There are two nice ways to get to the monastery:

1. A coastal walk starts in Ag. Ioannis and will take you to the beautiful cave church of Agios Antonios and the Monastery of Koudoumas. You can have a refreshing bath at the lonesome beach of Koudoumas or just visit the monastery - a beautiful quiet monastery with very friendly monks.

2. Start a nice one day trip from Kapetaniana, going on a track that leads up the mountains first, all around the Kofinas (Asteroussia highest summit), before getting down to the sea after a never-ending descent among pine trees. You will walk through very beautiful and surprising landscapes and end-up to a small beach with the monastery just in front of it. Monks have the reputation of being friendly and hospitable. Take something to eat and especially to drink, though. From the beach there are more beautiful walks along the coast to further beaches in both directions.

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