Nikos Stone Buildings

nikos_stonebuilding_3Since 1990 I've constructed and restored any kind of houses in the Messara plains. Many of the old traditionally renovated stone houses are situated in the area of Kamilari and its surroundings. I have specialized on processing with primarily natural construction materials and I am experienced in the old traditional way of constructing. The stones, that are used for all these constructions or restorations are fabricated in my own manufactory in Agios Ioannis.

nikos_stonebuilding_4With the processing of stones as a base I provide constructions of any kind, e.g. stone walls, fountains, ovens etc.

I additionally build conventional houses together with partners, where we often combine traditional and modern styles in an elegant and decorative way.

I provide the planning, administrative paperwork with the municipality and other administrative offices on Crete and the overall realization of the construction.

nikos_stonebuilding_2If you wish, we will provide your dream house ready to use.

I am pleased to show you some examples of our work personally and to give you some ideas for your construction plans.

You can contact me via
telephone: +30 6948887920 or
email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


nikos_stonebuilding_1Nikos Nikakis

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