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If you take the road that goes up just opposite the entry of the cemetary and follow it up to the top, you will find the third hill of Kamilari, named Goulas. From its top, you can see all the Messara plain, the Asteroussia mountains and, if the weather is clear, the Dikti Mountains. Below the top are the current archeological excavations (assumed to be from the Hellenistic period).

If you follow the road leading out of Kamilari in the direction of Sivas from the cemetary you can turn right in the direction of villas Alevrota to get on top of the third hill Alevrota, where the view on the village, with the mountains as background, is one of the most beautiful. Turning in western direction you can discover Messara bay with the Paximadia Islands on the horizon. Gavdos island might also be visible (left from the Paximadia) if the weather is clear. Another way to get down is on the other side of the hill passing by the "Panorama Kamil" and "Korfes" apartments for rent, before you reach the central road (Matala-Timbaki road).

From the top of Alevrota hill, you can also walk for hours in the middle of the olive trees. You can head to the sea (Komos or Kalamaki beach) on not very well-defined paths, but you can always find a way to get through. Anyway, all around Kamilari, and in the hills between Kamilari and Kalamaki, just following these small paths for hours is probably the best way to discover the surroundings of the village, and find unexpected views of the sea, the mountains and the village.

If you end in Kalamaki you can enjoy gorgeous sunsets over the Paximadia Islands and the White Mountains from the terrace of one cafe, after swimming and sunbathing on the beach after a little walk.

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