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You can also reach the other fountain of the village, known as "Xopigi" or "Xrysopigi", if you just walk down the village towards the sea and follow the Timbaki road for about 500m (when you reach the crossroads towards Kalamaki or Timbaki, keep on the right towards Timbaki).

Xopigi is about 50 m away from the small church, called "Zoodochos Pigi" (meaning: the one who gives life) on the right hand side. In the courtyard of the church, one column might be from an ancient temple.

"Xrysopigi" means "the golden fountain", which could be religious, since the above church is dedicated to "Virgin Mary, who gives life".

It is a lovely place just to "be". It is a very cool and pleasant place, with water running all year long. You might observe sweet-water crabs (and frogs) in the basins.

And it's also the place where we, all people from the village, celebrate the 1st May and not only children, wear necklaces of flowers.

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