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If you decide to climb the Ovgora hill, you will discover after 5 minutes walk on its top, a small chapel, that is not christianized and therefore closed for public, but offering one of the most beautiful viewing points of the area: to the North and the East, the Messara plain and, further back the Psiloritis range; to the west, the mount Kedros and, if the weather is clear, the White Mountains and the Messara bay; to the South, Kamilari and in the background, the Asteroussia mountain range.

From Ovgora, you can follow the road, which leads down to the center of the village. Progressing along a series of typical houses, with their courtyards shaded by bougainvilleas, you will finally reach the second square of the village at the tavern Akropolis. In order to get back to the church's square turn left.

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