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In Metohi you can visit its fountain "Marmagiana", which is in front of the pizzeria today.

There is also a small church about 200m uphill, bearing the same name.

Epimenides, one of the Seven Sages of antiquity, was supposed to have lived in this area of Metohi, just outside Kamilari. According to legend, he lived 157 or 299 years, spending 57 of them in a deep sleep.

From Metohi, you might then decide to have a walk among the olive and orange trees. Just follow the path and signs behind the pizzeria and you will find the Old olive tree. The exact age is unknown. Most similar trees in Crete are aged around 2000 years. But it’s a very powerful and peaceful place also worth the visit.

When you’re back from the olive tree, you can follow the asphalt road to the right and take the second path on the right, where the “Minoan tholos tomb of Kamilari” is signposted. Remains of Minoan and Roman times have been excavated in various areas around Kamilari. In the 1960’s the most important excavation was found: Gligori Korifi is another name for the tholos tomb, where they found many small statues and other religious remains. It consists of five small rooms with an inner courtyard set outside the tomb itself.

If you come back from the tholos tomb or just follow the asphalted road from the pizzeria further on, you will find some Roman tombs from the I. AD on your left, about 200m before the next crossing. This is also a very recent discovery: troglodyte roman tombs carved in the smooth, limestone rock. The excavations are still going on.

From Methohi you might also walk to reach the old village of Agios Ioannis from where you might then go ahead to ancient Phaistos and Agia Triada.

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