Kamilari Agios Ioannis
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Coming down the road from Kamilari you can start a nice little village walk just at the small church of Agios Pavlos (St Paul's church) with its 14th-century dome on a little graveyard.
(Detailed information in the article of Agios Ioannis). From here you head in the direction of the village and turn right behind the bus stop on your right just in the curve that's running left.


Following the dirt road for about 150m you will find a Roman Bath on the right hand side. In the Byzantine period it consisted of at least 4 rooms.

Heading back to the village you turn right into the alleyway before reaching the curve. You follow the road and pass an old water pump on the right in the next curve. This pump was used for fresh water until the late 60th and beginning 70th.


Next you can find an old olive factory in an old ruin on your left just before the crossing. At the crossing there's an old kafeneio that was run until the early 60th on your left.

If you head straight ahead now, you will reach the plateia with the church of Agios Ioannis Theologos built in the 16th century. On the left side of the plateia, there's a head of an old Korinthian column.

agiosioannis_5Going back to the crossing, you turn left and follow the road just before the village ends and turn left again to visit the old tower of Agriolidis. (More information in the article of Agios Ioannis). It's on the left next to an old village house. If you follow the path on the right of the old village house, you can walk the old path to Phaistos.


Heading back to the crossing you walk straight ahead until there's an open place on your right. In the old house on the right end of this plateia some Italian archaeologists have lived during the excavations of Phaistos.

If you follow the road straight ahead, you will pass two tavernas (one is the kafeneio) on your left before reaching the area where we started. On the opposite agiosioannis_4of the road, there's a memorial of World War II and on your right the old school, that was closed after an earthquake in the late 50th and only offers a room for the "syllogos" - the cultural commitee - of Agios Ioannis today.

agiosioannis_6Heading in the direction of Phaistos on the main road you will find two more tavernas on your right. The last taverna on the right has spacious outdoor facilities, a playground and they exhibit some old machines from early farming days, like harvester-treshers or turners and a hand loom. From here you can also walk the old path up to the church of Agios Georgios Falandras and Phaistos.

Enjoy a lunch or have at least a coffee break in one of the nice tavernas or kafeneio in the village, before finally closing your roundtrip of the village.

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