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Many of us „Kamilarians" lived somewhere else in the world for at least some years, for example in New Zealand, Australia, US, Germany or anywhere else in Europe. Until the 80th the economical situation in Kamilari made some "Kamilarians" leave the village for a while, in order to find a job, to study or make a career abroad. But most of them came back, because it's such a beautiful place to live and still their homeland. One very popular repatriate was Anton I Papadakis (1890-1955). In 1950 he came back from America, where he started a career and became very rich and popular. Being thankful for being welcomed home honorably, he built the first central water supply for our village, a school building and he founded the first football team of Kamilari and even built stadium. He became even more popular by performing magic that he learnt in America and that he presented to fellow citizens and everyone who asked for around. There are many stories about Anton Papadakis, who is still called the "magician", and to whose honor we have placed a bust next to the plateia at the entrance of the children's playground.

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