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Our children not only learn foreign languages and the use of computer after school, but also traditional Greek dancing. One teacher comes to the village in order to instruct the children twice a week.

Another traditional procedure is the cutting of the so called "New Year's cake". One day defined by the Cultural Committee in the beginning of the new year, all members of the Cultural Committee and Business Group of the village come together and communicate the defined plans for the new year to the public. After the annunciation all children first get a present from the "Syllogos" and a piece of the children's new year's cake. They're very keen to have a piece and quickly check it as there's a coin wrapped in foil (flouri) placed in the cake before it's baked. The cake is ceremoniously cut by the head of the committee and whoever gets the slice containing the 'flouri' is said to have good luck for all of the forthcoming year. After the children had their celebration the adults have the same ceremony and in addition have a drink and chat together, wishing everyone "chronia polla" or a happy new year.

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