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For a hot day, the valleys inside the land hide some cool, shady places.
The gorge of Agios Antonios is one of these places. It is not at all famous, though it is very beautiful: between high ochre cliffs, a small river runs between the rocks, under a cool forest of planes.

The access is very easy (stairs, tables and chairs, so you can bring your own food and eat there). Following the path in the gorge, you will soon see the small church of Agios Antonios, with its ex-voto (in spring, a small source pours water just before the church).


Then, if you go ahead in the gorge, you can reach a view-point. Further inside, the path becomes wilder, but if you're lucky and there's not too much water, you can walk and climb for quite a while inside this beautiful gorge. 

From Kamilari, to get to Agios Antonios gorge, just reach the village of Patsos (south from Rethymnon). The quickest way is to pass Spili and turn right in Myxorouma.

Have a stop in Lambini, to see the beautiful church. The road is also very nice, as it climbs above the valley of Spili. You pass the village of Karines. Just before arriving in the gorge, there is a small section of non asphalted road, but you can go with a normal car with no problems.

There's a small tavern before the entrance of the gorge.

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