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The Monastery of Valsamonero is 2 kilometres from the village of Vorizia (just follow the signs inside the village). The Monastery has been constructed during the early Venetian domination and shows a very beautiful and still original architecture; some inscriptions indicate the date of 1332.

The Northern nave of the church, dedicated to Virgin Mary, was constructed in early 14th and was the first building; later on, between 1400 and 1428 the Southern nave was added, dedicated to Agios Ioannis; in 1438 it was added the lateral nave, dedicated to Agios Fanourios (a Saint of great importance for the locals, celebrated on the 27th of August) and later on it has been constructed the outer narthex.


The church has wonderful wall paintings, excellent samples of the Byzantine painting of the Cretan school, which flourished during the Venetian domination; it is from this school that the famous Domenico Theotokopoulos ("El Greco") started his art. The wall paintings of the lateral nave of the church have been made by the famous Cretan painter and hagiographer Konstantinos Rikos. It was also a cultural center, including a religious school and a large library with also non-religious texts from Greek antiquity.

In 1947, after World War II, the Monastery has been restored under the supervision of the eminent Greek archaeologist N. Platon; the works of restoration are still in progress under the supervision of the Ephorate of Byzantine Monuments.

Sometimes there is an employee to keep it open, sometimes there is no one. Maybe there's a possibility to get the key from someone in the village, just ask in the village, if it is closed.

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