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The south coast of Crete, where the Asteroussia mountains suddenly dive into the water, is a quite wild area. There are two small ports accessible by road: Kali Limenes and Lendas. Both roads are very spectacular because they start from the plain of Messara and then climb up the Asteroussia; after a series of curves, and before descending on the other side of the mountains towards the small harbors, the panoramas on the plain and the Psiloritis are great.

Kali Limenes - (about 20km)

Kali Limenes has two beaches. The smallest one is sandy, and the sea is not deep there, so it's ideal for children. You can also eat and have a drink both on the beach and in the small village. This place is mainly known by Greek people. The main reason that Kali Limenes remains undeveloped is the ship refueling station on the small island at the entrance of the bay.

Nevertheless it has crystal clear water. There are many more small beautiful beaches with no name around Kali Limenes, that are worth an exploration.

kalilimenesandlendas_4Lendas - (about 30km)
Lendas is a small friendly place reached by descending a steep and spectacular winding road, with no large hotels, but some cafes and tavernas. It is full of beautiful, flowered, white-painted houses. In the Greek classical times, the village was a place for curing diseases, since the water there was supposed to have curative properties (there is an archeological site). A small pebbly beach and a steep background give this small place atmosphere. Some spectacular sandy beaches are a moderate walk away, including Dytiko beach which has tavernas on its long sandy beach – a popular nudist beach.

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